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Case Study Client: Sushma Raval – Holistic Cookery Coach

Case Study Client: Sushma Raval – Holistic Cookery Coach
Case Study Client: Sushma Raval – Holistic Cookery Coach

Identifying The Profit


  • Review the costs in the business and evaluate the time being spent with clients.
  • Identify which areas of the business were making a profit and which were not.
  • How can the business donate time to charity and maximise the funds to the charity?


  • Looked at the cost base.
  • Costs for kitchen
  • Cost for raw materials
  • Reviewed all expenditure – line by line
  • Value of client time
  • Value of client expertise & skills
  • Identified a yield from raw material to finished goods


Identified areas in the business which were making more profit and the client was able to spend more time in this area.

Some sides-lines were not profitable and increased prices using an incremental time-based system.

The business designated charity will not benefit further from the client’s time.

It is estimated that the client will now make an extra £3K per annum net profit based upon the existing business.


“Thanks so much for all your time in helping me to look at my pricing.

My chat with you has been a real eye-opener and helped me factor in certain costs which I had no idea about. The session was super useful and I have more clarity on what services work better for me and have a better understanding overall. Loved your patience and the jargon-free down to earth advice. It is very clear that you are passionate about making a difference and are on a very good idea. I wish you every success with your project and am always happy to help in any way `i can.”

Sushma Raval – Holistic Cookery Coach

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