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Case Study Client: Jasmina Vulic – Lifestyle Coach

Case Study Client: Jasmina Vulic – Lifestyle Coach
Case Study Client: Jasmina Vulic – Lifestyle Coach

Know Your Worth




Identify whether the client was charging the right price for her clients based upon her central London location.




Reviewed both her personal circumstances and the business activities.

The business was the sole driver for all the client’s income.

Reviewing her needs and requirements and established the pricing required to generate income over expenditure.

The analysis established a new charge rate that would cover all the client’s business and personal expenses.

Understanding the client value




The client was able to understand her new pricing in line with her central London location and the client was able to increase her pricing to generate a minimum increase in revenues with existing clients of £3600 per annum.

The client was happy that the analysis and changes enabled here to understand her value.




“I had a couple of sessions with Scott, and I'm glad I did. His approach

was the opposite of mine and his expertise made me understand how my

prices may not convince prospects and I had to make a change. He asked a

lot of questions, and he explained every single number he came up with.

I have more understanding of my pricing but also of my value.

If you've just started your business, or feel you need to review your

prices, look no further! Speak to Scott and you're in for a game”


Jasmina Vulic – Lifestyle Coach

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