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The Fear Of Change

The Fear Of Change
The Fear Of Change By Saving Advice Hub

I would like to introduce you to Jonathan, Rose, Dale and Julie who will be helping me to explain about my article. Both couples are retired and receiving their state pension along with little bit of extra work pension income.

Dale and Julie are enjoying their retirement and go on holiday four or five times a year and now wonder how on earth they managed to find time to work when they are enjoying such a busy retirement.

Jonathan and Rose are stuck in a trap and not enjoying their retirement at all. They are doing the same household jobs they have always done in-between looking after their grandchildren.

Why is it that the two couples with almost the same income can lead completely different lives?

Well, Dale and Julie were always open minded and wanted to enjoy their life so they got over the fear of change and contacted someone like myself to have a look at their monthly expenditure. After my free hour, non-obligation consultation we identified just over £1000 a year savings that could be made. There was no hassle or complications and they also had peace of mind that if any problems arose they could contact myself.

However, Jonathan and Rose had been with their same supplier for a long time and were too frightened to change as they thought that their house would be in darkness, their mobile would stop working and they would be cut off from the world.

What matters most £1000 or loyalty?

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Scott Warren

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